Anti-Bullying Campaign

Together we MUST urgently take action against bullying. It is unacceptable to let people suffer. Every purchase of our Anti-Bullying Campaign Merchandise contributes directly to supporting victims of bullying & funding prevention programs.


If you have ever bullied anyone, you should feel deeply ashamed. We are all human after all. We all come from different backgrounds. We all have different starts in life. We all have different goals. We are all at different points in our journey. We all have different capabilities & above all else everyone deserves to be treated fairly. Nobody deserves to be mistreated.

How do we tackle bullying? Well it’s never that easy. In fact it’s a very complex topic. However, educating people while they’re still young can have a massive positive impact on how they choose to act as they grow older.

That’s why we’ve launched this Anti-Bullying Campaign. A portion of profits from the sale of these two T-shirts (black/white) will go to Anti-Bullying Charities aimed at helping young vulnerable people. These will be permanently for sale.

On top of that we have two 1/250 Limited Edition T-shirts (black/white), so act quickly before they're gone! A portion of profits from the sale of these T-shirts will also go to Anti-Bullying Charities aimed at helping young vulnerable people.

You Can Check Out The Entire Anti-Bullying Campaign Collection Here.

We plan to continue supporting Anti-Bullying Charities, so you'll see more regarding this campaign soon & far into the future. 

It’s easy to pick on people & single them out. That’s the bad guy, that’s the weird guy, he’s this, he’s that. It’s easy to join in & It’s easy to turn a blind eye. It’s easy to let someone else suffer & say ‘I’m just glad it’s not me’.

Finding “strength” & “safety” in numbers & then using that “strength” to target people, who are weaker, different, humble, harmless, creative, kind & caring. Is cowardly to say the least.

Tearing someone else down in order to feel like you have achieved something. Is cowardly to say the least.

Acting like the victim when that person stands up for themselves, is cowardly to say the least.

Setting someone else up to fail, is cowardly to say the least.

Bullying comes in many forms;

Physical Bullying: This involves physical actions such as hitting, kicking, pushing, or any form of physical aggression intended to harm or intimidate someone.

Verbal Bullying: Verbal bullying includes name-calling, teasing, taunting, making threats, or spreading rumors about someone with the intent to hurt, intimidate, or belittle them.

Social Bullying (Relational Bullying): This form of bullying involves social manipulation, exclusion, spreading rumours or gossip, damaging someone's reputation, or intentionally isolating them from their peers.

Cyberbullying: With the rise of technology and social media, cyberbullying has become increasingly common. It includes using digital platforms such as social media, text messages, emails, or online forums to harass, threaten, or humiliate someone.

Sexual Bullying: This involves unwanted or inappropriate sexual comments, advances, gestures, or behavior that is intended to embarrass, intimidate, or coerce someone.

Prejudicial Bullying: Bullying based on factors such as race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or any other characteristic that makes someone different. This can involve discrimination, hate speech, or targeted attacks based on stereotypes or prejudices.

Psychological Bullying (Emotional Bullying): Psychological bullying involves manipulating someone's emotions, self-esteem, or mental well-being through tactics such as manipulation, gaslighting, coercion, or intimidation.

Intimidation: This involves using threats, gestures, or actions to instill fear or intimidate someone into doing something or behaving in a certain way.

Property Damage or Theft: Bullying can also involve damaging or stealing someone's belongings, vandalizing their property, or engaging in any form of theft or destruction intended to harm or intimidate them.

Exclusion: Excluding someone from social activities, groups, or events intentionally as a form of bullying, ostracizing them from peer groups or social circles.

If you have ever been bullied then I feel deeply sorry that you’ve had to experience that. Often those who have been bullied, turn to bullying others. It’s a vicious, negative cycle.

Why would someone be so cruel you may ask. Here’s why;

Seeking Power or Control: Some individuals bully others as a way to exert power or control over them. This can be motivated by a desire to feel dominant or superior to others.

Lack of Empathy: Some people who bully may lack empathy or have difficulty understanding the impact of their actions on others. They may not recognize or care about the harm they cause.

Seeking Attention or Approval: In some cases, individuals may bully others in an attempt to gain attention or approval from their peers. They may believe that bullying behavior will make them more popular or accepted within a social group.

Copying Behavior: Sometimes, individuals may engage in bullying behavior because they see others doing it and perceive it as a way to fit in or emulate behavior they view as socially acceptable within their peer group.

Low Self-Esteem or Insecurity: People who bully others may themselves be struggling with low self-esteem or feelings of insecurity. Bullying others can be a way for them to deflect attention away from their own vulnerabilities or insecurities.

Victimization or Trauma: In some cases, individuals who have been victims of bullying or other forms of trauma may engage in bullying behavior as a way to cope with their own experiences of victimization or regain a sense of control.

Social Norms and Expectations: In environments where bullying is normalized or tolerated, individuals may be more likely to engage in bullying behavior as they perceive it as acceptable or even encouraged by their peers or social group.

Misguided Peer Pressure: Peer pressure can also play a role in bullying behavior, with individuals feeling pressured to participate in bullying in order to avoid becoming a target themselves or to maintain their social standing within a group.

Lack of Awareness or Education: Some individuals may bully others simply because they haven't been educated about the impact of their behavior or haven't been taught appropriate ways to interact with others.

Here’s something for you fitness enthusiasts to think about before you leave;

Empowerment through Strength: "In our community, strength isn't just about lifting weights, it's about lifting each other up. Join us in standing against bullying and building a culture of support and empowerment."

Strength in Unity: "Just as we support each other in reaching our fitness goals, we stand together against bullying. Together, we're stronger."

Be a Champion Against Bullying: "Every rep you do in the gym makes you physically stronger. Every act of kindness makes our community stronger. Let's be champions against bullying, one rep and one act at a time."

Bullying Stops Here: "In our gym, on our social media, and in our lives, bullying stops here. Join us in creating a safe and inclusive space for everyone."

Strength of Character: "True strength isn't just measured by muscle. It's also shown through kindness, empathy, and standing up for what's right. Let's flex our muscles and our character to put an end to bullying."

Sweat Together, Stand Together: "We sweat together, we stand together. Bullying has no place in our fitness family. Let's work out our differences with respect and support."

Build Bodies, Build Respect: "We're in the business of building strong bodies and strong minds. Let's also build a culture of respect, where bullying is never tolerated."

Train Hard, Be Kind: "We train hard, but we're also kind. Bullying doesn't make anyone stronger. Let's lift each other up, both in the gym and in life."

Strength Comes in Many Forms: "Strength isn't just about how much you can lift. It's also about how you treat others. Let's show our strength by standing up to bullying and supporting each other."

Fitness for All, Respect for All: "Our fitness brand is for everyone, and so is our commitment to respect. Let's work together to create a culture where everyone feels safe, supported, and valued."

Thanks for taking the time to read. Our Team here hope that you have a lovely day.

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A portion of all profits will go to Anti-Bullying Charities.

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